Influencer Marketing

Many industry professionals are familiar with marketing to specific markets and individual groups. These are the people that influence buyer decisions and who relationships are developed with. It is a marketing strategy designed to connect with the right buyers and sellers.

Influencer marketing is a tactic that is incredibly useful. It can be connected with various levels of marketing including:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Search engine marketing

When you combine influencer marketing with any of the above, and do each successfully; you’ll quickly become an industry leader. Influencer marketing is most commonly seen with business to business marketing but over the past few years it has continued to be introduced in all areas of sales.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Your Business

As stated above, having a solid foundation in the three key areas of online marketing with the addition of influencer marketing can benefit any business heavily. This is an advertising method that can cut costs, build the brand and expand overall reach without a large increase to the annual advertising budget.

Influencers are more prone to promote a business that they like. When influencer marketing is introduced to a business plan there is potential growth in buyer reviews, buyer social shares, and brand engagement.

Back in August 2013, Forbes released an article showcasing the success of eight (8) major influencer marketing campaigns by industry leaders including the likes of HP, BMW and Weber Shandwick. Each business implemented influencer marketing campaigns for less than average product options that needed a boost of marketing. Each campaign experienced great success and targeted their influencers amazingly.

Read the article now and see how eight (8) industry leaders took Influencer marketing by storm –

How far this marketing method can take a business is yet to be determined. The market being reached is the market that wants what businesses are offering. They are being introduced to something they know they can use and are more likely to have a positive experience compared to those who don’t understand the product/services.

Understanding the Influencer Markets

This is a process not many businesses actually understand; their market. When the time is taken to figure out who influences buyers and who should be targeted, sales increase. The process can require excessive amounts of research taking advantage of the information that is commonly available.

Most websites are developed to reach specific people. These people find you using relevant keywords that are displayed throughout websites and social channels. These are the influencers. Take advantage of the available information already out there and use it. Use things like Twitter and LinkedIn to search for buyers. PR tools like Cision and Vocus are also top level options for finding influencers.

Understanding a businesses influencer markets is not complicated. There are five steps to finding the best influencer markets:

  1. Find and target influential buyers
  2. Prioritize by most influential impact
  3. Connect with each individual personally (via email/social outreach)
  4. Simplify engagement opportunities
  5. Thank them for supporting

The last step is one commonly ignored and one of the most important steps. Let influencers know they are appreciated and they’re more likely to continue promoting and buying.

Influencer marketing has become a top level marketing strategy that every business should use. Most are using it partially but could benefit even more with the right steps and targeting processes.

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