Avoiding the Internet Marketing Scam, Once and For All!

There a hundreds of people online “teaching” Internet marketing to help website owners and web masters develop a better understanding of marketing on the Internet. Sadly, it is hard to determine who is providing the right information, and who is just trying to make a few extra bucks off of those new to the online business world. It can be hard at first to determine who the “scammers” are and who the real people are.

Christine thought she’d take the time to explain to you how to pick out the scammers from the real guys, hopefully saving you hundreds of dollars on information that you can actually find for free.

How to Spot a Scammer

Scams are literally everywhere on the Internet. Millions of people are taking advantage of others want to learn, and making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of those buying in.

When you do a search online for ‘internet marketing strategies’ you are right away going to be presented with multiple websites trying to offer you the best information out of everyone. Sadly, a lot of these “marketers” are only at the top because they’ve really pushed their pages to rank for ‘internet marketing strategies’ and a lot of the pages have useless information.

Key Signs of a Scam 

The following are the top signs that you are entering into a scam. Over the years of learning things and seeing what others are trying to teach, it is amazing how many people will not notice the scam at first, until they are scammed.

  • Instantly wants you to buy their eBook/product/services
  • Doesn’t show email address/phone number anywhere on website
  • States you can earn over 6 figures in a year
  • Have to sign up to receive the secrets
  • Site doesn’t include a privacy policy/terms of service/disclaimer
  • Sounds too good to be true

Okay, sure. These signs are pretty basic, but you’d be amazed how easy it is to point these out if you know what to be looking for. When you have zero ability to contact a company or even find their information to contact them, you can’t pull out, meaning you could find yourself in a bind for revoking a paid subscription if you’ve paid to join in.

When a company states that they can help you earn over 6 figures in less then a year, walk away. No person in their right mind will guarantee you that you’ll earn that much. That is just a law suit waiting to happen. Sure, it could happen but it isn’t something anyone can guarantee but yourself.

Another thing you should ALWAYS look for is the privacy policy, terms of service and disclaimer. If there isn’t one, you could find yourself having your information sold to other companies online and soon be receiving a lot of unwanted things in your inbox, and some instances in the mail. A legitimate company always takes the time to legalize things, especially when they are selling information online.

This is also true with websites requesting you to register to receive free information in your email. If you can’t find any of the above items, do not give them your information. They are probably selling it to other companies, making money off of you.

Protect Yourself from the Scams

Best way to protect yourself from any scam, is to avoid all things that sound too good to be true. There are a lot of ways to make money on a website, but the ways that sound absolutely fake and unrealistic, guaranteed are.

If you are worried something might be a scam, but don’t know how to tell, do not hesitate to contact Christine Culley and ask. There is a lot of things out there that are scams, and we want to help protect you from them. Internet marketing is something everyone is wanting to learn, and there are many scammers out there taking advantage of those wanting to learn. Most of the information you need is available online, for free. Stop paying into the scams and start protecting yourself.

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