Blogging – Can Your Brand Be Successful with a Blog

Online marketing is something that continues to grow & expand each year. At first, blogging seemed to be for the small guys; people with thoughts they had to get out. Now, blogging is something just about everyone is doing. As blogging continues to grow in popularity we are also seeing many more large brands getting in on it and placing blogs onto their websites as well.

There are many pros & cons to having blogs attached to large brand websites and when not done right it could become fatal to your brand.

Steps to Having a “Successful” Blog 

Brands, don’t think you can just jump in and build yourselves a blog. It doesn’t work that way. When you’re an already established brand that is now putting your feet in the waters of the online realms there are a lot of things you’ll quickly discover. First things first, there is always going to be at least one troll. Troll = person who sits slandering every little thing you post/share/acknowledge, even if it is the holy grail of absolutely epic! 

Blogs started out as a place for people to get their thoughts from their heads. Most people never thought others would read, but soon enough the blogosphere became massive; and is growing by the minute. Incorporating a blog into your online store front can allow you to talk to your customers and share some of the great things happening with your brand.

It is also a great way for people to understand your brand, your products/services & get that personal feel many consumers want now a days.

Some things you’ll want to do when incorporating a blog with your brand:

  1. Post useful, informative content
  2. Hire an editor or you’ll give the troll a reason to knock on your door
  3. Include some images/videos they keep people looking 
  4. Don’t be a robot. Unless you are a robot and if you are, contact us immediately (please!) 
  5. Post regularly, but not excessively. Don’t be posting 10 posts in a few hours, it’s annoying

Things You Shouldn’t Do With a Blog  

Alright, so we’ve showed you some things you should be doing. Now let’s see what you really shouldn’t be doing unless you really want those trolls to stick around.

  1. Don’t slander others you are supposed to be professional even on a blog
  2. Avoid irrelevant information people want to learn about you & your brand, not the cat that slid through a box half its size
  3. Don’t ignore your editor they will save you a lot of headaches 
  4. Don’t post a hundred; hundred word blog posts they are not only uninformative, but a waste. 
  5. Don’t ignore your brand it is why you have a website in the first place. 

Blogs are something that are continuously changing & adapting with the world. They are a great way to keep the search engines coming to you for updated content and also a great way of giving your readers something new to read regularly. Blogs can easily be beneficial & destructive all at once if used incorrectly.

Whether you’re a large brand or a small brand, there are always going to be ways a blog can benefit you. Give your readers something to enjoy and help your brand become a trusted resource around the world. The Internet is a great way to expand yourself globally, but the only way you can do that is by getting people coming back for more. Give them more & create a successful, professional blog to go alongside your brand website!

Don’t know how to develop a blog & want some help getting started? Contact Christine Culley to get your foot in the door onto your path to even greater success today.

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