Developing Content That Earns!

Any webmaster knows that a website is nothing without content. It is rare you enter a website that doesn’t have content on it. Many webmasters also struggle with the development of content. Sure, you can write anything and put it on your website, but will it benefit your website?

Probably not.

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Content is Everything

You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times, but ignored it. Many website owners are known to just put up whatever they can find, unaware of how damaging this can be. Content is what will make or break your website. Yes, we know it is easier to use stolen scraped content but in reality, it is stolen and has zero value to your website if it is used across hundreds of other websites.

There is an art to designing content that will benefit your website. It does vary with every niche market on the Internet, but not by a huge amount.

By developing content regularly, you will assist in getting your website cached by the search engine spiders. It is important to have an updated cache often to help with rankings. If search engines don’t cache your website often, it is unlikely your rankings will budge. This in reality, makes your site worthless.

The Proper Content Structure 

Did you ever think the layout of your content would affect how people see it? Well, you should if you don’t.

When people are navigating the Internet, they want to find the answers quickly. They don’t want to be reading huge articles to find that little piece of information they wanted. Here are a few suggestions of what you should do to have a quality content structure:

  • Use an appealing, relevant title
  • Incorporate headings throughout the entire article, not just at the top and bottom
  • Keep your paragraphs short and to the point
  • Don’t ramble
  • Don’t be afraid of bullet points (see what I did there!)

Optimize Your Content to Rank 

No really, you MUST optimize your content. If you have a specific keyword or keyword phrase you want people to find that content with, use it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things when it comes to developing content that will earn you money. Don’t over use the keyword/key-phrase though as this could damage the content and make it appear to be spam content.

SEO optimization is something every webmaster and content developer needs to understand. It isn’t the hardest thing to learn, it is just hard learning how to incorporate it into your writing style, correctly. The only way you will earn money off of your content, is if people see it. You want content that the search engines will like, and attract the eye of readers. If people don’t come to your page because the content is poor and the optimization is below average, you won’t make money off of it.

Developing content that earns sounds hard, but can be easy with the right techniques. If you are new to writing content, take your time. Learn your market, and see what others are doing. The content on a website is what people see, and if no one likes it, they won’t come to your site as often. Make people want to read you and find what they want easily.

If you are struggling with developing content that earns, Christine Culley does offer SEO content development. She’s worked in many different niche markets and understand the fundamentals of content structure. Let us help you earn money by developing you content that earns.

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