Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not all search engine optimization (SEO) strategies work the same. Every website will require different techniques and processes, especially when you’re ultimately trying to improve your businesses overall virtual value.

Multinational websites need to apply global SEO to their websites. Some things that they should be applying include:

  • migration to ccTLDs
  • 301 redirection strategies
  • language URL leveraging
  • localized content development
  • character encoding

These are just some of the things that should be done with global SEO. If you are hoping to increase visibility and drive traffic to conversions; and ultimately improve your business value, implementing global SEO is important.

Where to Start with Global SEO?

Global SEO will not happen on its own. There are processes and steps to take to implement high quality SEO for global reach. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, if you’re hoping to one day go global it is wise to start implementing global SEO processes as soon as possible.

The first initial step to global SEO is utilizing multilingual markup tags. Multilingual specific HTML tags are used to leverage each of your country sites. The hreflang tag is used specific to the language and country audience for each page. This can also be controlled within Google Webmaster Tools.

To learn more about multilingual markup tags check out the Search Engine Watch article that explains how and when to use hreflang tags –

Alongside the hreflang tags, implementing geo-specific schema tags is another important step. geo-specific tags are a collection of tags used by webmasters to markup specific content elements that are recognized by Google, Bing and Yahoo. It improves the intent and use of content, and improves the actual search results in search engines.

Localizing Your Business & Reach

Global search engine optimization is designed to allow you to localize your business and reach. By generating webmaster accounts for each country, having Google Places listings for everywhere you’re located and implementing localized link building processes; you’re on your way to improving your localized global reach.

The best way to improve your global reach is to make sure your business appears everywhere it should. You’ll need to do such things as:

  • Google Webmaster Tools integration for each country (setup geo-targeting rules in Site Configuration > Settings > Appropriate Country in Geographic Target drop down)
  • Google Places Listings for brick-and-mortar locations (claim ownership of all your listings and optimize with traditional SEO processes)
  • Localized Link Building are still the strongest methods for improving rankings (guest blogging, social media, link partnerships, program outreach)

Understanding global SEO practices can improve your business and its overall reach heavily. Implementing all of the above is just the beginning and will require consistent maintenance over time. Increase your business’s visibility with relevant audiences and really take control of your ROI, globally.


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