Link Building – Are You Quality or Quantity Based?

There are a lot of things that webmaster’s are led to believe when it comes to their online presence. One of the first things any webmaster will learn about is links. The power of links. The frustration of links. A websites overall power is based on links coming towards the website, but is quantity better then quality?

Quantity Could Kill You

You read that right. Over the past 5 years, the art of link building has had a huge change. Since the sudden slaughter of the Panda Effect, it is appearing the amount of links a website has will not have much affect in a website’s rankings in the search engines.

Shockingly, there are hundreds of websites ranking that have barely any link power. They instead have link relevance power. Relevant websites seem to be ruling the search engine ranks. When your website is powered by links coming from relevant websites, you will quickly discover having a handful of these will benefit you more then having thousands from irrelevant websites.

Quality Rules All

Quality does rule all. When you have links coming from high quality, niche relevant sites you are hands down going to rock it. Many are led to believe a link is a link. Sure this is how it used to be many years ago, but now link relevance plays a major role in rankings and page authority.

There are many things people will tell you to look at when it comes to finding links that will work with your website. One of the most important things to look at is the amount of outgoing links. If the website has a high external push, you won’t get much power from the website itself. Sure, the homepage may have a PageRank (PR) of 7, but this doesn’t mean you’ll receive the full power of the 7.

Make sure when you are selecting websites to have links coming from, that you try getting links from your niche market. When you have links coming from websites in your same niche market, you are instantly expanding your reach as you are relevant to that website too.

Things You Should Avoid

There are a few things you should avoid when it comes to links coming towards your website. They are as follows:

  • Only going for high PR link pages
  • Not having any relevant websites linking to you
  • Over optimizing a few pages and ignoring the rest of your site
  • Having only run of site links
  • Using automated link programs

As you can see, quantity doesn’t matter as much as you thought. There are a lot of search engine optimization guru’s out there that will tell you you should spend every waking moment link building to your websites. Guess what ladies and gents, these are the guys that listened to the other guy, who charged that guy for their “services” and their companies flop usually in a year to two years time. I’ve seen it many times.

Balance Out Your Website

Have quality, relevant links going throughout your entire website. This will help distribute quality power throughout your entire website, not just a few areas of it. There is no need to have 10,000 links to one page. Especially when the majority of these links will come from approximately 100 different root domains, using the same keywords across all 10,000 links. This is known as over optimization effect and a website killer!

The guy who sold you that piece of information, also probably charged you to get every piece of information he has, that is also another lie or twist of information that is useless and will murder your website.

Stop murdering your websites by following those “gurus” false information. They tell you these things so you destroy your website rankings and go to them for SEO assistance. This is called future business security. They lead you in the wrong direction, so you require their services in the near future.

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