Ways to Increase Your Websites Unique Monthly Visits!

A top question Christine Culley receives is ways that you can increase the amount of unique monthly visits (UMV). It is something every website owner would love to be able to do and can be very beneficial for your overall website success. The more people coming to your domain the better, but how do we seriously do it? Let’s find out!

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What Exactly are Unique Monthly Visits? 

Alright, let’s start with the basic information so every level of Internet addicts can understand this. Unique monthly visits are the number of non-repeat visitors coming to your domain each month. This means it is their first time ever touching your website in any way.

The number of unique monthly visits is always going to be less then your overall monthly visits. No really. Always less. If it is not, something is wrong with your analytics and you should be looking into that. The only way the UMV visits is going to be larger then your overall monthly visits is if it’s your first month with analytics on your domain and people only come once, which is another bad thing! This means you aren’t offering enough to keep people coming back, or again there is something else going on and seriously, check into it.

Ways to Increase UMV  

Increasing your unique monthly visits can shockingly be a lot of work, whether you are a new domain or an old domain. Increasing your website traffic is something we all want to do, but keeping new people coming is also something we want to do. Yes, having repeat readers is great but if you’re a shop will they buy every single time they come to you? Not likely. This is the same with websites offering services and websites offering just content; such as bloggers.

Getting new readers takes effort. It takes you reaching out to others and putting yourself out there. Some content developers have the ability to attract readers by using amazing SEO techniques getting them increased organic searches in the SERPs as well as better rankings. Your content is what will keep people coming to your domain, and offering new content will increase your chances of new visitors as well.

Some of the best ways to increase your UMV include:

  • Regularly updated/new content
  • Social media sharing
  • Community discussions
  • Connecting with others in similar niche markets
  • Writing for others and others writing for you

Social Media is a Key Player to UMV’s 

Without social media, it has grown hard to get new visitors that aren’t looking for niche specific products/services/information. Having a solid social media standing can play a major role in increasing your UMV’s each month. The more active you are, the more active your communities will be as well. Get in there, get involved and get seen.

You also have to remember, this doesn’t mean you just stick to chit chatting in your own social media communities. Comment on others, share other peoples stuff and give some quality conversations. People will be more likely to come read what you got going on if they see you’re active with others, attracting them to you.

Social media shouldn’t be used just for promotion either. Sure, there are a lot of offers or ideas you want to share. Realistically, social media was designed for people to be social with each other; not just individually. Stop sitting promoting that amazing piece of content and get out there talking & socializing.

Spread Yourself Out to Other Websites 

Want to really get out there? Offer guest blogging and being a guest blogger for others. This not only brings a new voice to your website but also works awesome for getting relevant links to your domain if you are guest blogging on relevant websites.

By guest blogging on other peoples websites you are getting into their website traffic, being seen by even more people. Don’t be rude though and ask for the amount of views that website has each month. You’re guest blogging, don’t be so picky! Find relevant websites that have similar interests as your very own website and offer a reciprocal content exchange with inclusion of links. There may be some bloggers that are a little bit snotty about this offer & request some financial input, so just move on from them & don’t continue to other bloggers that are commenting on their websites as they likely all talk and will talk about you!

Increasing your unique monthly visits sadly takes time and a lot of effort. If you truly want it you will have to work for it. Nothing happens over night anymore on the Internet… if it does don’t expect it to last long as it is probably just another glitch of the SERPs.

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