What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Many of you who are new to the online world will hear the term “SEO” a lot if you are starting an online business or a website dedicated to a certain niche market. It is something many are confused about and hunt for days to get all the information they can to understand it fully. Christine thought, instead of allowing you to hunt for endless hours, she’d provide you some information on what SEO is.

What is SEO? 

SEO, also known as search engine optimization. When you search in Wikipedia, SEO you will be provided one of the shortest and to the point descriptions of what SEO is… the process of improving rankings in search engine results.

Very simple, very forward and very correct. SEO is a process utilized by website owners to improve their website rankings in the many search engines out there. Now, this doesn’t really give you much to work with however. If you are trying to learn about SEO, you are of course trying to learn how to use SEO to benefit you. Anyone could easily figure out that SEO is based around search engines, since it is search engine optimization if you are actually typing out the whole term.

Where Do You See SEO? 

You’d be amazed at where you are actually seeing a websites SEO if you are new to the online world. Most people don’t realize that when they are searching online, they are searching things websites actually optimize their websites for so you can find them. Here is an example of what one might search for online…


In Google, a person searches for “How to Change a Baby’s Diaper”… and they are then shown the first ten results that Google has discovered, that are most relevant to what you want.


As you can see by the results provided, the wording you used brings up pages that have used a lot of the words you have. When you search “How to Change a Baby’s Diaper”, this is known as a keyword phrase or key phrase. Website owners optimize their websites/webpages for a wide variety of things so that people can find their pages. By using specific keywords and phrases in titles and page descriptions that people would use to find them, they are optimizing their websites to be found.

SEO is seen in search results and on websites using internal link building, and also throughout the Internet on other websites linking to other websites. When you do a comment from another website and have it linking back to your website, you are usually using anchor text (Name), the website URL, and your email. The anchor text becomes your SEO, as it is what the search engines will see, and also what others will see if they read through that websites comments.

SEO is however most commonly seen in the search engines. The title of a page and the description of the page are the most commonly used areas for search engine optimization, as this is what the search engines pull to allow others to find your websites.

Do You Need to Use SEO?  

Yes, yes you do. If you own a website that you want people to see and be able to find in the search engines, you do need to use SEO. Don’t waste your time hiring a mister know it all though to do it for you. SEO is one of the easiest things to learn when it comes to website development, and as you begin doing it, you’ll find yourself getting more comfortable with it.

SEO is a highly recommended item to know, whether you are a website owner, a content developer or a website developer. It is used everywhere on the Internet, everyone practices it and if it is a piece of knowledge you have, you are ahead of the game compared to many. Even though it is fairly simple to learn, it is something that is commonly ignored and not used because of its simplicity.

If you want to keep learning more about SEO, feel free to contact Christine or watch this website for further information. It is something we will continually write about so you can get all the knowledge you need to utilize SEO at its utmost potential.

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