Social Media & Cross Channel Marketing

Can social channels be used to guide cross-channel media buys?

Cross channel marketing has become a process every business should consider implementing. Understanding what it is, how to use it and why it matters however is something that most don’t understand. This is a marketing method some businesses are doing and don’t even know it.

Social media is commonly combined with cross channel marketing. It provides various levels of data including user location, time of activity, total reach and gender; that could potentially assist in the optimization and retargeting for marketing spend on other marketing channels.

What is Cross Channel Marketing?

To fully understand what is being discussed, knowing what cross channel marketing is, is important. Cross channel marketing (CCM) is a process using multiple channels to reach potential customers. Businesses can reach potential customers through several different mediums, allowing them to complete their conversions the way they are more comfortable with.

Common marketing channels include:

  1. Direct mail
  2. Email
  3. Mobile
  4. Mail order catalog
  5. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  6. Retail
  7. Website

Coordinating Cross Channel Marketing

Creating cross channel marketing plans can allow for great success for just about every business, both small business and corporate. It guides potential customers to engage and move towards the purchase funnel. The campaigns are most successful when integrated together versus doing each individually.

By doing this, monitoring growth and success with social media insights and data allows for improved media spend globally. By directing individuals from social media or to social media, businesses are now able to determine what is working, what isn’t and what should be changed/adapted to perform better.

One of the more commonly seen cross channel marketing tactics is the use of social hashtags. They are slowly being incorporated into every social channel and used to allow customers to interact with both the brand and as well as other customers interested in product/services/brand.

The following are the more popular cross channel market pairings used by customers:

  • Computer/Mobile
  • Computer/TV
  • Computer/Radio
  • Radio/Mobile
  • TV/Mobile

With each pairing there is a variation in potential success. It will all depend on time of promotion and who is being reached. This is where knowing your influential market can be beneficial.

Computer/Mobile is commonly targeted between the hours of 9am – 5pm. This is when most people are at work and communicating with others.

During evening hours, between 5pm – 11pm, cross channel marketing is more commonly targeted for TV/Mobile. This is when most individuals are watching television and accessing promotions they see on their mobile devices. By cross channel marketing, customers are being reached on both key sales avenues.

Capitalizing on everyday usage trends is important. Cross channel marketing allows customers the opportunity to purchase where they are comfortable, and allows for businesses to reach potentially more customers by using every channel available. Take advantage of the social media insights and data to target markets during hours of use and interaction; and truly see the sales growth potential all around. Social channels are a great solution and guide to cross channel marketing and media purchases.

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